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Local Sunset

It was one of those gorgeous skies that stops you in your tracks.

I didn’t have to go too far from home for the inspiration for this painting. It’s a couple of blocks away from where I live in small-town Brooklyn—an intersection that I cross several times a day, usually without much thought. This hot August evening it was the clouds in the sky and the setting sun that grabbed my attention. When I went home to study the photographs that I had hastily snapped with my iPhone, it was also the repetition of the street markings and fire escape that made me think about the painterly possibilities of this image.

Our vision during twilight is challenged and filled with ambiguity—details blur into shadows which blur into the approaching nighttime darkness. I wanted to explore this within the painting. But mostly, I wanted to make sure that the green traffic lights and the white crossing man icons stood out. The rest is what we think is there, but is only implied.

September 2018
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 21″ x 21″











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4 thoughts on “Local Sunset

  1. This picture is very nice; great tone and palette

  2. Anne Mollegen Smith on said:

    For some reason I find that stoplight adorable as you have painted it!

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