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Overlooking the Lullwater

A snowy view from the Binnen Bridge in Prospect Park.

Here’s what happens when the artist is stuck in the studio because it is too darn cold to go outside. Aside from a few sessions of snow shoveling and making it to the local store to stock up on food, I kept busy and relatively warm by painting the snow and lots of water reflections. Both are favorite subjects of mine. The challenge of the long studio days is to gauge when it’s best to put the brushes down. Several factors come into play: the danger of seriously overworking the painting, the need to move around a bit, stretch, and get some exercise, plus the eyes and contact lenses begin to complain that they are working too hard.

This is a wonderful view from December. I was standing on the Binnen Bridge where it spans the Lullwater near the Audubon Center in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The structure designs have been faithfully restored by the Prospect Park Alliance and follow the original designs by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. It is a quieter area of the park that I always try and take advantage of by observing the long sight line that makes for an interesting landscape. The water feeds off of a small waterfall and churns up an active surface, but in the background the lake is always calmer. It’s nice to have both in the image. During this walk, the season was warm enough that a lot of color remained on the plants and trees and I happily added those hues into this painting.

Favorite materials for this painting: a new sheet of 400 lb Arches. The cold press had just the right amount of surface texture, loved working on it. Rigger brushes in several sizes, great for branches and surface reflections, and I rediscovered my tube of Holbein Ultramarine Deep—a great, granulating blue.

We’ve since gotten a big snowstorm, bitter cold followed by absurd warmth followed by cold again, and rain that washed away the white piles of snow. Moving on, what’s next?

January 2018
Arches cold press, 400 lb, 16.5″ x 21.5″
Come see this painting! On view April 28 & 29 during South Slope Open Studio c/o Alise Loebelsohn Studio, 215 17th Street, between 4th & 5th Avenues in Brooklyn
August 4 – September 30 at the Adirondacks National Exhibit of American Watercolors, View Arts, Old Forge, NY











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6 thoughts on “Overlooking the Lullwater

  1. absolutely STUNNING!!! 400lb! Wow – have not heard of or tried!

  2. Joy Makon on said:

    thank you for your kind note Jodi!

  3. Winter’s only pleasure to see an excellent painting of the season. Always appreciate you posts.

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