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Meetup Under the Wisteria

Central Park’s Conservatory Garden is my newly-discovered masterpiece.

I went back twice, two days in a row. I have lived in New York City since August, 1976 and never visited the Conservatory Garden until this spring. How is that possible? This beautifully landscaped garden is equal to all the wonderful botanic gardens I have been fortunate to visit—and this one is a subway ride away. I didn’t get to see the early spring daffodils, and the tulips were shot, but allium and bluebells and azaleas were coming into their prime. And here is this magnificent wisteria pergola that is a shaded area to sit under or hang around and stare out at the formal landscape. It is under the metal pergola that I discovered this fun group of six visitors hanging out in the dappled light. I discreetly shot a dozen or so photographs of them and went on my way. I knew immediately that they were my next painting.

And so it’s been through most of June that I have been drawing and painting their light and form and clothing textures and having a jolly good time with them. Where are the lavender wisteria blooms, you’re asking? Ah, they weren’t quite out yet either, but it didn’t really matter. I’ll time it better next spring.

June 2017
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 16″ x 21.5″











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3 thoughts on “Meetup Under the Wisteria

  1. I am always astounded at your beautiful work. This one is no exception. Gorgeous!

  2. This is a beautiful painting, Joy. I have never been there either, but will make plans to visit, soon. Thanks for sharing on all accounts!

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