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We Were Tourists in Greece

Recalling the summer sunlight in a port town on the island of Crete.

We probably spent no more than four hours in the port city of Chania, Crete. Chania is a lovely walled city of narrow streets and buildings influenced by Turkish and Venetian design. By this time in our itinerary we were a tad travel-weary and it wasn’t so much that we needed to see more sights, but we just longed to sit quietly in a nice cafe and have some spanokopita and Retsina.

I like to trail behind locals to see if they are headed to an interesting place to dine or shop. I’m quite sure that we did not follow these three young men, but I enjoyed having them step in front of my viewfinder for a few camera clicks. Were they locals or on vacation as we were? We didn’t stop at this cafe either, opting for a more tourist-packed place that was along the waterfront. I will always remember the fantastic light throughout all of Greece. Here, the harsh midday sun bleached out the umbrellas, the tabletops and the street to make an interesting, dimensional play of shapes and shadows. I knew from the start of this painting that I did not want to focus on details but that I wanted to capture the arrangement of abstract shapes that help guide the viewer through the pretty scene.

I hope that you feel the hot sun and a longing for summer when you look at this watercolor. This is self care for me as the painter, and for my readers and viewers to keep beauty, art and kind things in daily life. We need it for the work we need to do.

January 2017
Lanaquarelle cold press, 300 lb, 14.25″ x 21.5″



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6 thoughts on “We Were Tourists in Greece

  1. This is such a stunning piece, Joy!! Amazing work! 😍 Crete sounds lovely and the way you’ve captured the sun is gorgeous!

  2. Great work Joy – really impressive!

  3. You are a true master. Really stunning!

  4. Thanks for dropping in on and following my blog. Your paintings and drawings are wonderful. I’ve worked in watercolours on and off over my long artist’s life and recognise the mastery you already have over the medium. The fact that you can draw well also adds to the feeling of confidence in your work. And the last sentence in this post is true to my heart as well. It is why I keep working.
    keep going! cheers, Sarah (artcalling)

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