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In Progress, part 6

A week’s worth of painting plus a break to attend my gallery show opening

Quick post today to update painting progress done since last weekend. I love that the color palette has changed to include more pinks, reds, oranges, while the water hues deepened and the greens became earthier. The drama unfolding from the surface reflections necessitates looser brushstokes—maybe I’m just a little weary from working all the detail. This Aquabord surface is proving to be useful for subtly softening hard edges and adding highlights with a damp bristle brush. While I don’t think that I will nail the blossom in the lower left, its reflection will be cool.

FINALnewMembersThe New Members Show—with five of my watercolors—opened Thursday evening at 440 Gallery and runs through March 20. If you are in the area I hope you’ll stop by to check out the excellent presentation by six visually-diverse artists. I am privileged to be a part of this.

Thanks for following along, have a nice weekend.

February 2016
Watercolor on Aquabord, 22″ x 30″

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4 thoughts on “In Progress, part 6

  1. LOVE the addition of the pink!! Marian

  2. I was looking up aquabord, just starting some new watercolors on it, and came across your lovely painting. Very beautiful. Will bookmark and follow and hope to see the finished project.

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