©2016 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

All Overgrowth is Comic

Process + Progress

During the past few weeks drawing has been my medium of choice, albeit selected in a roundabout way. This is the painting that never got out of the drawing stage because the #2H pencil work took over and I liked what was happening on the board too much to take a brush to it and have the line disappear. So here it is as a finished drawing, a complex water and lilypad scene from Wave Hill that I will create as a separate painting. Sorry for the photo quality—this piece needs better lighting than I’m able to provide.

©2016 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Why Aquabord? I thought the rigid surface (clay and gesso on masonite) would make it easier to handle the larger surface. I tested out a 6″ x 6″ size with this small painting and found some interesting ways to paint on it…for another time.

At least once a week I visit galleries or a museum and look at a lot of art. I’ve been influenced by many large-scale works and have been itching to work larger, hence the decision to work at a larger size with this painting. I began this painting/drawing on a 22″ x 30″ sheet of Aquabord. Working the intricate drawing helped me discover so much about this image of intimidating water reflections and highlights. I had a couple of weeks to think about strategies to use when painting, and I’m more confident and ready. And returning to the familiar 300-lb Arches that I love to paint on.

The title “All Overgrowth is Comic” is derived from Glimpses of Bengal from the letters of Sir Rabindranath Tagore, 1921. The phrase came up during a Google search and seemed fitting for this image. I like it.

January 2016
Pencil on Aquabord, 22″ x 30″

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