©2015 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Boothbay Sunset

Rock sitting in Maine, late September

We arrived early to sit on the rocks and had the place to ourselves. As the sun got lower in the sky the rocks started to fill up and the view was no longer as pristine—there’s eight people and a dog obstructing my view. Didn’t matter…this place along the Ocean Point waterfront, well-known for spectacular sunsets, did not disappoint. If only we could cure all worldly ills by observing this humbling event every day.

©2015 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Once every 30 years: a Super Blood Moon coincides with a lunar eclipse.

On September 27 the sun set rapidly in the west. We got up to leave and while walking toward the east, we met up with a huge Super Blood Moon that rose over the eastern horizon. Later that evening around 10pm, we watched the total lunar eclipse that caused the moon to turn bright red and eventually disappear in shadow.

Boothbay Sunset was quite fun to paint and a chance to break out the reds, pinks and yellows that have been a little neglected from all the skies, green growth and water that I’ve been painting lately. Farewell to Maine for now—there’s some fall foliage images taking shape on my drawing board.

December 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 21.5″ x 7″

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3 thoughts on “Boothbay Sunset

  1. This is nice! For a sec I thought it was a photograph 🙂

  2. Oh the color and the back lit figures! This just pleases the eye, Joy.

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