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Beach Poker

Coney Island Mondays: where two guys hide their cards

A lifeguard standing watch by the rocks provided me with another interesting life-drawing image on the beach. The surprise, when I went to edit my photographs, was the other gentleman taking on a similar pose. It was a fun chance to bring the beach back to the studio and paint a couple of skin tones, body types and facial hair, in the setting of swirling surf and bright sun.

I work hard to craft the composition of my paintings. The angle of the horizon, the proportion of sky to ground, the placement of elements on the page, all get played out in the studio at the drawing stage of the painting. It’s a different story with plein air painting, I know, and I admire those painters who have that discerning eye to work on site. Drawing and composing is about learning to see while putting the marks down on the paper. A daily sketch or drawing, even on the iPad, helps to keep things fluid for when a brush is in my hand.

July 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 14.25″ x 21.5″

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5 thoughts on “Beach Poker

  1. Oh, I wish I could capture waves and foam like this! This is a terrific painting.

  2. Joy, it’s marvelous, I had to share!

  3. Sharman and Alan on said:

    Wonderful work, as usual! Aside from the sheer beauty of the setting, one thing I really love about this painting is the psychological element. The way the men are standing with their arms crossed in the same way . . . were they chilly? Why was one man looking at the other one? Admiring/envying his strength? Every viewer will have a different feeling about this scene because it has real depth.

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