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Three Visitors

Coney Island at the end by Sea Gate

People-watching on the beach is like attending a life-drawing class where all types of bodies are dressed in shape-revealing, festive clothing. It’s not that this trio set out to pose in front of my camera, it’s just that I fell in love with them and discreetly snapped a lot of photos. They have a bit of an out-of-town air that comes from all their accessories, but they probably just walked down the beach from the Brighton end. They were a lot of fun to take back to the studio and explore painting the shaded, tanned skin tones and bathing suit prints.

In this July heat and humidity I get little signs that the painting is almost finished. The masking tape holding the thick paper down starts curling up as a form of protest. Maybe it’s also the humidity. Do I turn the a/c on and have my washes dry too fast and the paint dry up on the palette? It’s a bummer to have to constantly rewet the paint. Do I suffer some heat and go with my preferred method of allowing the ceiling fan to add a breeze and have the paint dry slower? Why do I get confused when the brush-washing water becomes the same color as my iced tea?

Tomorrow—temperatures forecast in the 90s—is probably a Coney Island Monday, complete with more people watching, and several more figurative seascapes in the works.

July 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 21″ x 14″

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5 thoughts on “Three Visitors

  1. Sharman Yoffie-Sidman on said:

    So good, Joy!

    We went to the John Singer Sargent exhibit yesterday at the Metropolitan. No wonder you found it inspiring.

    Keep up the excellent work.



  2. Incredible! So solid. I can feel the sun, air, and the sand between my fingers and toes.

  3. You did an amazing job capturing these bodies! They look like the people I see walking by on the beach.

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