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You Will Find Your Place

Go where you’re happiest

Recently I came across a newspaper piece that mentioned a common French expression: Vous allez trouver votre place. You will find your place. The positive, optimistic phrase has stuck in my head. It makes me recall my weekly visits to the beach and how important the water, sand and sun have become to my husband and me in restoring our moods and restocking creative resources. Mostly it’s just fun. During the week, if we walk a little bit away from the boardwalk rides and hotdog stands, the beach becomes quiet and mostly deserted, save for some fishermen and fitness showoffs. We kinda own that beach and it becomes our place for a few hours while we walk along the shore talking about everything and nothing, stopping once or twice to sit on some rocks and take it all in. My camera is always ready to snap pictures as inspiration hits.

So it is that I thank this mother and son for allowing me to borrow their image for this Coney Island seascape. Her expression is filled with the love and hope that she has for her little boy. This guy’s just digging it all and I doubt that he knows that later on tonight, or next week, or next year, that he has options and choices to make that will affect his life. For now, he’s got his feet firmly planted in the surf, he’s sandy and drippy, and he’s found his place.

À bientôt.

June 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 21″ x 14″

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9 thoughts on “You Will Find Your Place

  1. Oui, this is bon bon – gorgeous. Your art is amazing.

  2. You realize that it was at Your Place (magazine) that we first encountered each other!

    • Joy Makon on said:

      Yes! What good memories we have! I realized the coincidence of Your Place Magazine when I was editing the piece. If I recall, there was this awful TV commercial that had a “find your place” voiceover going on. It sounds so much nicer in French, I think.

  3. Sharman Yoffie-Sidman on said:

    You are amazing! No one will ever say you haven’t used your time for something productive and inspiring.

    Love, Sharman


  4. Great job capturing the way the water looks!

  5. I love your paintings. The beach and the park are always painted so beautifully by you!

  6. Beautiful painting. I like the warmth of the water in the foreground with the soft reflections of the figures.

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