©2015 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Moira’s House

A painting for, optimistically, the last day of winter

It’s gorgeous outside right now as snow is falling yet again and coating the trees and surfaces in magic icing. So what if spring 2015 begins tonight?

I don’t have to look far to find beautiful scenes to inspire paintings. A few weeks ago while there was a lot of snow shoveling to be done, I got distracted by the sunlight playing off of trees and roofs on my storybook-sweet block of Fuller Place, Brooklyn. The next thing I knew was that the Canon came out of my pocket and I found myself framing pictures and capturing the play of light and shadows right in front of my house.

©2015 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Every house on Fuller Place makes up part of a colonnade of porches and columns.

I contemplated this bear of an image for a week, did a sketch, spent a lot of time drawing it to size, and put it aside and did two other paintings in the interim. Finally gathering up courage to tackle it, I spent two weeks alternately loving and hating working on this. I’ll look at it critically in a few weeks…just so glad to be done with it. Please remind me never to take up illustration as a career.

This old London Plane tree and house, dating from 1912, is directly across the street from where I have shoveled my stoop and sidewalk numerous times this winter. I have one more winter scene from the park that I hope to paint, but tonight, if there’s any shoveling to be done, the camera is staying in my pocket.

March 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 18″ x 18″

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One thought on “Moira’s House

  1. Alan Sidman on said:

    Dear Joy, how beautiful your art is and how cold Brooklyn looks. We hope to bring some warmer weather when we arrive Tuesday night. Meantime, your work pleases us so much. It is stunning. All our love to you and Sol. Sharman and Alan


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