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Forecast for an Inch

Or: walk in front of me and you end up in the picture

Where’s the snow? I am waiting.

This painting is from a stormy afternoon walk in Prospect Park. Enough snow was falling to coat surfaces with creamy icing, and I found scenes that had lots of beautiful grays and neutral tones in the wintry light. The fact that my husband Sol walked in front of me only added to the composition and his pea coat and jeans made a perfect backdrop for falling snowflakes. I insisted that he wear dark denim for this reason. A touch of red with his hat, and it was all there ready to paint.

There’s a lot of technical considerations in this work, from the one-point perspective of the bench, the color palette, and creating the snow. What I’m most pleased with is that this was painted without the use of white or black paint. Masking fluid that was splattered and dripped judiciously (or not) helped to create the snow effect. For grays and neutrals, I researched color mixes on the web and experimented with a combo of cobalt blue and burnt sienna (M. Graham paints) to wash the stormy sky and horizon. I like the results. And most importantly, I chose to eliminate a lot of details, and view the image as if I had removed one contact lens. By allowing the watercolor to take over and create lots of lost edges and blurred areas, I could imply depth and space and beautiful textures.

But those tree branches? I worked them until I couldn’t stand it anymore, signed the painting and considered it finished.

January 2015
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 14.25″ x 21.5″

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5 thoughts on “Forecast for an Inch

  1. Merrie on said:

    Came out great!

  2. Sharman Yoffie-Sidman on said:

    We are soooo impressed with this latest watercolor. You not only have a fabulous composition but also incredible technique and color. Gorgeous.

    Love, Sharman and Alan


  3. Had to post on Facebook so more could share it.

  4. Wonderful! The benches, the trees, the figure. Great composition!!!!

  5. I knew I’d seen others that looked like a photo in your unique style; here is another! I’m so glad you share your work for us to see.

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