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Polka Dots in the Sky

Christmas Day Gingkos.

It was unusually warm for end-of-year December. Lately a lot of days are like this one with a grey and damp morning, the sun coming out midday, and a superb sunset to finish. This painting is what I call a punch out—where blue makes holes in the clouds and fills the sky with the most interesting colors and shapes. While working on this I’ve been making a point of regularly looking out the second-floor studio window. Starting at around 3:45, the sunsets have been day after day after day spectacular, so much so that I stop to look and take it all in, or even better, go out for a late day walk.

©2014 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.There’s a love/hate thing with gingkos where you avoid the slimy ripe fruit in the fall and then appreciate the fan-shaped leaves and spiny bobbles the rest of the year. The tree appears to be a nervous variety, as I found nary a smooth, graceful line to any of the branches. They all have choppy segments that are broken up regularly by shoots, bumps and of course, gingkos. My first painting of gingkos, Gingko Ala Mode, went to reside at my cousin Helen Schachner’s home in Pennsylvania. We met eight years ago and had a most delicious time getting to know each other so late in life. In December, Helen passed away at 89 and now Gingko Ala Mode is with her daughter, my late-in-life cousin Lisa. Here’s to fragrant memories, pungent gingkos and a clean-slate new year.

January 2015
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 14″ x 21″
dedicated in memory to Helen Schachner

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3 thoughts on “Polka Dots in the Sky

  1. I love this painting Joy. The beautiful sky. Those ginkos! And the trees in the bottom right knocked my socks off!

  2. Joy, This painting (Polka Dots in the Sky) is one of my favorites of your work. You handle watercolor so well. I started painting in oil, but hated the complexity of the process. Switched to watercolor. Loved the process and the result. Then, switched to acrylic as the best of both worlds—especially for larger formats. Like you, I’m into “more painting, less design.” However, for me, it’s still publication design that pays the bills. Thanks so much for following my blog, 2dshall.com.—Stephen Hall

    • Joy Makon on said:

      Stephen, compadre? Nice to know another A.D. gets it! I remember “Regardie’s” !! Probably have an issue or two in my stash of now-historical magazines. best, Joy

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