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Along Prospect Park West

Keeping the color for a few more brushstrokes.

I like it when color and light causes me to stop in my tracks for a moment. That’s when I usually know there’s a painting ready to be made. So it was a few weeks ago during a walk in the park. Brilliant fall trees and golden afternoon sunlight have potential to become cliched, but I added in classic Brownstone Brooklyn architecture, a textured wall and a tightly cropped composition. Now here’s something to have fun with, I thought.

As this grand fall has changed into a warm holiday season, the park has taken on a winter ashiness where the textures of the bare trees dominate the skyline in subtle greyed-down hues. It’s quite beautiful against a brilliant cobalt sky. I’ve picked out my next subject or two from this. Unless it snows…and then I am so there instead.

Happy New Year.

December 2014
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 10″ x 10″
This painting has gone to a new home!

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7 thoughts on “Along Prospect Park West

  1. These wings and notes are such a pleasure, I get excited when I see a new posting!

  2. Drawings, that was supposed to be.

  3. Beautiful painting Joy. I love the composition. I recognized the buildings and wall immediately. I love how the autumn leaves dominate the top portion of the painting. You are amazing at painting trees. Happy New Year, Joy!

  4. Joy Makon on said:

    Thank you Carol 🎨 Here’s to a happy, healthy, colorful 2015 for you & your family.

  5. I really like the contrast of foliage against the building, just a peek! Happy New Year, Joy!

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