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Last Dibs for Fall, Brooklyn Backyard

Here today, gone tomorrow?

At least 170 viewers visited my home-turned-gallery this weekend for the Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists Open Studio Tour. It was more than I ever imagined would show up, and several paintings have gone to new homes, a few more are under consideration, some giclée prints are being made and framed for holiday gifts—and I am recovering from it all with a big, thankful smile on my face (and ouch, an ice pack on my back).

Some good hands-on chiropractic is helping my back, but my bigger concern has been how disruptive and distracting getting this show together has been. The motivation for painting has disappeared during the past couple of weeks. Things finally cleared up today and I decided to have a play day with my paints as a warm up to bigger, more serious painting sessions ahead. If you have heard the weather forecasts, as I have, then you know that unusually cold weather is headed everywhere—can killing frost be far behind? Today’s still warm, the Brooklyn Backyard is in glorious fall color, so for this afternoon I sat on my deck stairs and sloshed paint around to create one last fall painting outside. Betting that when I go outside tomorrow morning, the stoic red begonias will be gone, the greens will be wilted, and the garden will be winding down toward winter : (

But not me. I have two pieces in progress from a recent trip to Wave Hill. Looking forward to getting back to them tomorrow with lots of greens and fall colors.

November 2014
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 10″ x 14″

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