©2014 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

July Daylilies in My Brooklyn Backyard

One day to admire, five days to paint

My front and back gardens have several varieties of daylilies. Some came with the house and others were planted years ago. I recently added in a few heirloom varieties that were on sale and they’ve taken up residence beside the traditional asiatic and oriental lilies that are also in glorious bloom. This one, not an heirloom, hasn’t bloomed well in past years but now gets more sunlight thanks to a large maple being removed. It seems very happy. Since these daylilies can’t survive being cut in a vase, and the other lilies need to stay outside with their too-strong perfume, I spent this week painting them instead.

©2014 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.Chicken or egg? I painted the beautifully-dappled background first and spent days getting the light and textures finessed. When I proceeded to work on the lilies, I worried about keeping them bright and light-filled too. It was neat figuring out how the cast shadows worked and made sense once I studied them. In the process, I made friends with a size 0 brush and used that for both detailing and washes. I also rediscovered cadmium red—previously it had been banished from my palette, but provided just the right red for these lilies.

In my second floor studio, the fragrance from the bright pink Stargazer lilies is coming in the window. Although it is headache inducing, it’s really not such a terrible problem to have.

July 2014
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 10.25″ x 14.12″.
This painting has gone to a new home.

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2 thoughts on “July Daylilies in My Brooklyn Backyard

  1. I think the painting is beautiful, but really like how you decided to post this with the greenery behind.

  2. Joy Makon on said:

    It’s too nice to stay indoors Leslie, so trying to paint as much outside, etc. as possible! You too?

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