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Half Frozen

Aren’t we all right now?

I contemplated painting with my fingerless gloves on, but they are woolen and the fibers get mixed in with the paint. Miles Davis and sipping a hot drink helps.

This scene from Prospect Park is a more intimate view of the small creek that appears in Before the Cold Sets In. There’s something about this remote area of the park that has amazing light, shadows and lots of interesting things going on. It has to be viewed through a wire fence, so that limits the panorama to small slices of the creek and the larger lake. I discovered the rhododrendr0n-type shrub for the first time in this image as it was outlined by the blanket of snow. Instead of the usual sky the snow-covered frozen lake works as the background, and I’m guessing that half of the dead sticks and grassy growth has been edited out. For artistic sake and for my sanity and the desire to finish the painting.

January 2014
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 10″ x 21.5″

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One thought on “Half Frozen

  1. Another beautiful painting of the park. I love the colorful reflections in the water.

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