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École d’art

Line Drawing for a new class

Drawing New York City, my new class at School of Visual Arts, began last night. I am looking forward to working on observation skills and drawing techniques in this class, and think it will translate well to plein air and studio paintings. The class met in an SVA studio last night, but future plans are to meet onsite at various locations around NYC and draw. The first session was to draw without lifting the pencil from the paper, using the class students and the room as the subject. Here’s three of the students at their drawing boards: the woman in the middle is drawing me. This technique—one that I clearly remember from model studies in art school—is used to understand relationships within the drawing, to help with scale and diagonals and making sure than someone’s eyes are in the correct place and proportion.

There was this funky, curmudgeon of a high school art teacher, Harvey Roth, who tried his best to intimidate me. He used to say, “Draw, draw, draw and when you are tired of drawing, draw some more.” He got me hooked on drawing and Thomas Eakins, and once he saw that I was into it and serious, he backed off a bit. This drawing has a timeless quality about it that could have been done back then.

January 2014
Canson, 50 lbs, 18″ x 24″
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