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Out for a Walk

Snow painting for a snowy day

The appeal of this Prospect Park snowscape is the sharp curve of the snow-plowed road in contrast to the steep hill and trees. How many times have I walked and run down this hill to the Lake, yet it looks so different in the snow? The light is perfect for crisp, colorful, shadows with interesting shapes. I placed the two walkers (from another photograph, actually) to give scale and some drama to the composition. There’s tons of tree and sky texture to experiment with brushes and strokes—in the process I teetered on that balance of overworking and holding back, and think I found a happy medium. I finished the painting last night, but held off signing it until this morning. Only when the painting is photographed in daylight, and only after I spend some time looking at it, does it then becomes done, fini, perfetto and I can move on. (And not be tempted to go back in and add more details—no more needed!)

As I write this, the local news is predicting up to 10″ of snow for today. Goody, more snow scenes to photograph, more snowscapes to paint.

January 2014
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 18″ x 18″

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2 thoughts on “Out for a Walk

  1. Lovely shadows! You really caught the sparkle of the light on the snow on the hill.

  2. What a beautiful painting. I can feel the cool, crisp air. I love your blue shadows in the snow.

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