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Snow Day

Prospect Park’s frozen lake, after the storm

There were hundreds of kids and parents in the park on Friday after the first decent snowstorm of 2014. Camera in hand, I snapped lots of scenes and was able to capture this sledding duo just enough to make it look like they were the only ones outdoors. In reality, lots of footprints and cross-country ski trails merely hint at the energy all around from kids enjoying a snow day off from school. Maybe that is why the birds flew to another part of the frozen lake.

This painting comprised three equally-challenging segments: the two figures, the foreground snow, and the landscape background. Monitoring the connection between darks and lights was crucial for me while painting. I mapped out where the dark areas would be, especially in relationship to the nearly-silhouetted mom. I think this keeps the composition vibrant for the viewer. Of course the snow in the sun kicks around a ton of colors, especially on the cool end of the palette, so here was a chance to test out new tubes of cobalt blue, phthalo blue, dioxazine purple (M. Graham) and permanent alizarin crimson (Holbein).

January 2014
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 14″ x 21″
this painting has gone to a new home!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. This is terrific in so many ways. Nicely done!

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