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Christmas Day at the Lake

Prospect Park is a gift

My studio is the runway from the lake in Prospect Park. Starting in late fall, the geese fly in V formation over our house and I always hear them honking as they flap on by. It’s pretty awesome when one can observe them taking off from the lake—they seem so organized about it but there’s always one or two that lag behind or fly out of formation. The birds on the lake are a year-long treat and I look forward to lots of inspiration for paintings, especially as the weather gets colder.

This cold Christmas Day had beautiful sun that played through the mostly-bare trees, along with interesting cloud formations in the bright blue sky. Plenty to work with, and I enjoyed painting quite wet and loose, along with some energetic scrubbing—my new stash of 300 lbs Arches was a pleasure to paint on. Use the good stuff!

I think this will be my last painting of 2013. Hard to believe that I did my first watercolor this summer at Pratt when it was over 90°. Happy New Year.

December 2013
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 300 lb, 14.” x 21.75″

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Day at the Lake

  1. misterwanderful on said:

    Beautiful Painting! Happy New Year!

  2. I really love this sentiment and painting… So much talent Joy

  3. Beautiful Joy. I was at the lake yesterday and it was gorgeous. Happy New Year and i look forward to your beautiful paintings in the new year.

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