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Before the Cold Sets In

Mid November, Prospect Park

While walking along the fenced-in path past the ballfields and the lakes by The Ravine, I happened to glance backwards and snapped one single photograph of this beautiful reflection and vista. The photo became the basis for this test-out-all-the-brushes painting. The brush arsenal now includes three shapes of scrubbers and I used them all for the water reflections and branches. The effect adds a touch of realism, but I’d be just as satisfied if the viewer sees only beautiful brushstrokes.

December 2013
Watercolor and graphite
Arches cold press, 140 lb, 14″ x 21.5″

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2 thoughts on “Before the Cold Sets In

  1. This is a beautiful painting, Joy.

  2. BTW, I think you live near me. Do you give watercolor lessons? I love your work.

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