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Coney Island Thursday in Early October

Not maxxed out on the beach just yet!

The October beach lends itself to all sorts of eye-catching reflections and unbroken vistas with fewer sunbathers. I was able to push the distinctions of foreground, midground and background with this composition. Painting began with the thin strip of land—I wanted to establish color value and tone first, as it then determined how to approach painting the sky. Finally I found the cool sky image that has eluded me all summer. Every visit this summer had cloudless or foggy skies, but on Thursday, the sky was complete with interesting contrails and shapes.

I used very little opaque white: none in the water, just a few touches in the reflection to indicate some ocean foam. I may try masking fluid next time. The beach walker is looking like the headless horseman right now—just need to hit him with a small brush to give him a shape of a head. (EDIT: he’s been fixed and looks better. Photo is up to date.)

Sorry Lily, that I need to kick you out of my studio when I paint, but a jumping cat does not make for a good companion around paints and containers of water.

October 2013
Watercolor, gouache and graphite
Arches, finish and weight unknown, 19 1/2″ x 14 1/2″
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