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Coney Island Monday

The paper is so important.

Sol and I go to Coney Island every Monday during the summer to walk the beach and eat hotdogs. It’s become a very special place for us.

I have been shooting photos with the intent to paint from the beach images and I knew right away that this was going to be my first painting. When an image sticks in my mind, it’s the one.

I’ve never painted this subject before, and it was hard. I quickly discovered that by working wet and loose and just having a good time playing with the strokes and color, that I could achieve a wet effect. The last effect was to splatter on a few colors to make the sand texture come alive. The final addition of opaque white to the surf was a beginners attempt to get an effect. I’ve improved on that with later paintings, and hope to yet discover other ways of painting the moving surf.

This is painted on a large sheet of Arches paper that was purchased circa 1975 during art school at Tyler, and moved up to NYC with me and survived at least five different apartments and a house. The paper is yellowed, but is wonderful to work with. The skin tones in Sol’s legs are the paper white of the paper.

It’s funny, I would recognize Sol’s legs anywhere  :  )

August 2013
Watercolor, gouache, graphite
Arches, finish and weight unknown, perhaps 140 lb, 20″ x 10″
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